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Sunday, Jan 13, 2019
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Ultra Sound

This Ultra-Sound image is a fetus at less that 4 months. The image depicts eyes, legs, fingers, arms and more. From the moment of conception the fertilized egg contains the essence and existence of a human being. It is our obligation to protect life from the moment of conception to the last breath of human life.


Mike Pieper (Former RLMC Board Member), Steph Hanlon (VP-RLMC) and Joe Scheidler (founder of Pro-Life Action League)
    Photo credit: "The Observer" Dan Szpekowski
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Right to Life McHenry County:

  • is dedicated to promoting the sanctity of human life.
  • Believes God grants us life from the moment of conception to its natural end.
  • an all volunteer, grassroots, non-partisan, non-denominational and non-profit organization
  • is promoting a culture of life through:

Important Pro-Life Organizations

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March for Life 2019

Chicago, IL:

(January 15, 2019 – Chicago) Calls for action, bi-partisan unity, and compassion came from the podium at the Sunday, January 13, March For Life Chicago 2019. The downtown rally drew over 8,000 thousand pro-life advocates to the

city’s Federal Plaza, topping all previous attendance. With statements including, “Make babies great again,” “Love them both,” and “Save the baby humans,” colorful signs declared the participants’ mission: Celebrate the uniqueness of each human life from conception forward and call for an end to abortion.

U.S Congressmen from Illinois, Dan Lipinski (D-Western Springs) and Darin LaHood (R-Peoria), took the stage together, urging the crowd to continue advocating for life. “There is nothing more important than protecting life,” declared Lipinski. “Science shows us life begins at conception. We’ll keep working and fighting until there are no more abortions,” he promised.

LaHood stressed the importance of anti-abortion legislation, noting, “Every single day that we’re in Washington DC, we look to do everything we can to stand up for life and the unborn.”

Chicago Archbishop, Cardinal Blase J. Cupich applauded the event’s theme, Unique From Day One.

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Les Femmes - The Truth                                                                         Posted 2/4/2019

Full term baby assassination costs $17,000

Posted: 04 Feb 2019 09:53 PM PST

Listen to the abortion clinic employee! At the end of the conversation (8:41) she says, "Alrighty then!" as if she has simply scheduled a dental cleaning. One must have $17,000 ready to hand over to the assassin to murder their child...and rest assured that black market organ dealers are standing in line to buy the child's organs and body parts. Now we see why Obamacare is so important. Who can … More …

Nick Sandmann's Lawyer Releases "The Truth"

Posted: 04 Feb 2019 08:11 PM PST

Wow! This video shows exactly how much of a liar Indian activist Nathan Phillips is. Phillips lied from beginning to end about the event at the Lincoln Memorial and he continues to lie and defame the Covington students. He lied about being a Vietnam vet too and is now trying to pretend he never said he was. Well, Phillips,   you live in the digital age. You can lie, but the truth will come out... Click for the video and More ...

Post High School Scholarship Results for McHenry County (IL) Students - 2019

Savannah Dudzik,  Woodstock North High School:

Savannah has shown herself to be an exemplary advocatefor the defense of human life. Inspired by her dad at a young age, she has been very active. As a member of the Mime for Life Performance Troop, Savannah excelled in her roles as performer, discussion leader, and director. This is a mime performance, put on by local teens, that travels around the county to schools, youth groups, and retreats.  They use non-verbal communication to portray real-life stories of two girls who find themselves in crisis pregnancies and the pressures of whether or not to choose life for their babies. After this performance, the teen audience joins in small group discussions to address how each person can contribute to promoting a culture of life. The Mimes for Life have impacted so many young peoples’ perspective on this topic, without even saying a word.

Savannah has Marched for Life in Chicago with thousands of pro-lifers in the cold and Marched for life in Washington D.C. among the hundreds of thousands of people, who annually show up to defend the right to life.

She uses her domestic talents by crocheting hearts with words of encouragement for girls in crisis pregnancies and follows up with crocheting booties for the babies born!

Her courage and conviction have carried into her days at Woodstock North. Through projects and papers such as reciting a pro-life speech by Mother Theresa, doing a power point presentation as an opponent of Roe v. Wade and welcoming discussion on the topic, she has portrayed her views that all human life should be protected. She has proven to be unafraid to engage discussion with her peers and teachers on this subject and has done so respectfully and concisely while maintaining her belief in the value of human life.

Savannah has brought baby bottles to school to collect money to donate to crisis pregnancy centers and has been a member of Best Buddies where she and other Best Buddy members assist fellow students with special needs

Furthermore, during her junior year, on an organized Day of Silence, a type of bullying awareness day, Savannah brought attention to the unborn babies who never got their voice as they were bullied out of their chance at life. On that day, Savannah wore a red sign with the word LIFE on it and handed these signs out to others who were willing to wear one for the day.

And finally, Savannah prays. She has prayed along roadsides and she has spiritually adopted unborn babies.

Savannah’s views on the issue of life are not just a political standpoint or a religious conviction; they are a way of life! In college she plans to start a pro-life club and plans to make her goal in life to speak out for the rights of all who are marginalized, be it the unborn, elderly, or anywhere in between.

Christina Shugrue, Crystal Lake South High School

Christina has shown herself to be an exemplary advocate for the defense of human life. Skeptical of the celebrity and political voices on social media, Christina made the efforts to educate herself on this topic to form her own opinion.  That she did! Since then she has had countless discussions with folks on both sides of the issue proving to be unafraid to engage discussion with her peers. Christina has shown great maturity in realizing the sensitivity of this topic, recognizing it as something she wanted to be well versed in before speaking out about it. At school she has engaged classmates in discussion, even while chatting on the outside track during gym class!

In our community through her youth group, she was given the responsibility for learning and leading discussion about the 40 Film, a documentary film that embraces a diverse cast of perspectives in defense of the unborn.

On social media, she has taken the opportunity to articulate her views and has done so respectfully and concisely while maintaining her belief in the value of human life. Also, on social media she has promoted the message further by encouraging folks, no matter what their views are, to keep an open mind and go see the movie, Unplanned.

In her time at school and in the community, Christina had demonstrated great courage in defending life to other teenagers, leading with kindness and compassion even to those who were hostile to her message.

As she moves forward into her college years, she plans to attend the March for Life in Chicago and will get involved with Students for Life on campus. She hopes to one day give her own pro-life talk to educate others on this topic. 

Danielle Lattanzio, Marian Central Catholic High School
Danielle’s commitment to the pro-life cause displays her true essence of a person who puts others, and what is right and good,…first. Danielle has not shied away from defending the dignity of the human person from conception to natural death.

This past year, Danielle served on the retreat and participated in the March for Life in Washington D.C. As a pilgrim, she and her peers bonded with many of the hundreds of thousands of marchers who turn out annually in January to defend the right to life. energized with people from across the country, unafraid to be judged, and PASSIONATE about protecting life, Danielle and the mass of people marched, in a mature and respectful way; singing, chanting and praying in defense of the unborn. Danielle held high a bright hand written sign that read “A TRUE FEMINIST WOULD FIGHT FOR THE RIGHTS OF UNBORN WOMEN”

Danielle possesses the inherent quality of a strong moral compass, specifically through showing her dedication to the pro-life cause. As she goes off to college, she plans to join the Boilermakers for Life Club at Purdue University. 

46 Years of Roe v. Wade

Please click on the image to view our complete ad as presented in the Northwest Herald.

Letter from the Right to Life McHenry County Board of Directors (RLMC)

2019 Signature AdWelcome to the Right to Life McHenry County 2019 Pro-Life Signature Ad. We send a huge thank you to all the Respect Life Coordinators at our area churches who organized the signature drives!  This endeavor requires a major group effort and simply couldn’t be done without you.  We are sincerely grateful, as well, to everyone who took the time to stand with us by signing this year’s campaign. We appreciate all that you do to defend life at all its stages!

 This year marks the forty-sixth anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the catastrophic court decision that resulted, to date, in the legal killing of nearly 61 million American babies. St. Teresa of Calcutta keenly observed that, “… if we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?” We saw the spreading effects in 2018 of the continual devaluation of human life; violence has escalated in our country as evidenced by a sharp increase in mass shootings, the growing demand for euthanasia, and even growth in the suicide rate.  LifeNews.com recently reported that Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion business in America, aborting approximately 320,000 unborn babies every year. Its most recent annual report showed a record income of $1.46 billion, with about half a billion dollars coming from taxpayers.

Our theme this year features material from a Terry Beatley interview with Dr. Benard Nathanson, who was an instrumental pro-abortion proponent turned passionate pro-life advocate. Dr. Nathanson claimed responsibility for more than 75,000 abortions: aborting 5,000 babies himself (including two of his own children); instructing doctors how to perform abortions on 10,000 babies; and overseeing the largest abortion facility in America where another 60,000 babies were aborted. In Terry’s book, What If We’ve Been Wrong? Keeping my promise to America’s “Abortion King,” she shares the 8-point propaganda strategy that was used by abortion proponents to successfully legalize abortion in America.  Dr. Nathanson lays out this strategy which was developed by NARAL (The National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws), of which he was a founding member.

Our hope is that you find this section educational and can identify the infiltration of this strategy, painfully still at use in today’s world. Let’s help others see how special interest groups continue to propagate this manipulation, and how the American media continues to throw its collective weight behind fueling this agenda. Perhaps through better educating ourselves and the next generation, we can more clearly identify this culture of death pervading current America, in order that we find the path forward to once again become a people of life. 


Right to Life McHenry County Board of Directors

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Interview with a baby.

This poignient video is with an unborn child moments before his mother commits to having an abortion. Please view it.



State and Local News

      News Summary                                                                                                         Friday June 7th, 2019


Illinois Federation for Right to Life Statement on the passage of SB25

IFRL+Logo.jpg (70×104)The passage of SB25 is a wake-up call for all individuals in the State of Illinois who believe in the sanctity life.  This extreme legislation exposes a level of callus disregard for human life that is pernicious and disturbing.  This is all done under the guise of “reproductive health care”.

We in the pro-life movement are compassionate and provide assistance for women who are confronted with difficult decisions.  Our opponents show no compassion for unborn babies.  No mercy is given to innocent life under this law. During debate the proponents of this legislation steadfastly refused to even acknowledge the existence of the unborn child.

We are grateful for all the pro-life legislators in Springfield.  We thank Rep. Bourne for her valiant efforts on the House Floor during the contentious debate.  We thank all of the Senators that voted against SB25 and especially appreciate Senators Dan McConchie, Sue Rezin and Jil Tracy for their excellent defense of life on the Senate floor.

Now is the time for all pro-life citizens
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National News


New national poll shows overwhelming support for Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

A nationwide telephone poll take Election Day by the polling company, inc./WomanTrend for the Susan B. Anthony List found almost two-thirds support for the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act—well more than double those who opposed.

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Video screen capture of "The Language of Abortion"

Screen capture of "The Language of Abortion"

VIDEO: “The language of abortion is confusing. What are we trying to hide?”

The Language of Abortion,” produced by Signal Hill, a Canadian pro-life group. This 31-second long video uses humor (mixed with the mildest of ridicule) to convey a powerful truth by means of a question—“The language of abortion is confusing. What are we trying to hide?”

Click here for the video and more


Click here for more timely news.


10 Reasons not to have an abortion ...

Parenting website Mommyish recently published an article advocating ten reasons (well, actually nine) to have an abortion. In response, I wrote a piece debunking the author’s arguments. Today, I will discuss ten reasons not to have an abortion.

1) It compounds tragedy.

2) It takes innocent lives.

3) It violates civil rights.

4) It punishes innocent people.


International News

International Right to Life head hears about this organization everywhere he goes in the world

Brad Mattes

As the president of the International Right to Life Federation, I frequently travel around the world. Literally, wherever I go, people ask me about LifeSiteNews.  They are familiar with the daily email publication and website and want to know if it provides reliable information on the life issues. 

ImageI’m happy to tell them that in the past I have served on the board of directors of LifeSiteNews, primarily because they do provide accurate, up-to-the minute information.  This answer is always met with a broad smile because they too have depended upon this vital source of pro-life news. 

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